A great time to buy and save – Carpe Diem

Prices come down. Real estate prices have stabilized across the country and even dropped in some areas of the larger markets.  The total amount of sales has also decreased. The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) reported that sales were down 13.9% year over year in April and blames the new mortgage stress test that came … [Read more…]

Different times call for different mortgage solutions

Rate Announcement The Bank of Canada just announced recently that it is maintaining the Bank of Canada rate at 1.25%. This is the benchmark rate in which variable rate mortgages as well as consumer loans are priced against. The reasons given to keep the rate unchanged were due to a slower than expected growth in … [Read more…]

Getting more than just the Right Mortgage.

The Bank of Canada has increased their benchmark rate 3 times since July 2017! Today it sits at 1.25%. This rate usually has an effect on the Bank Prime rate which influences the rate lenders charge for mortgages and other consumer debt. The next Bank of Canada meeting is set for March 7th and there … [Read more…]

Why the Canadian Housing Market Continues to Grow

As we enter into the New Year, the Canadian property market continues to grow. From demographics to a healthy economic landscape, there are several factors that drive housing prices. While there have been many whispers from industry experts predicting a crash, thorough analysis reveals that the Canadian housing market remains strong. Additionally, thanks to rising … [Read more…]

How Marriage Can Improve Your Finances

Aside from marrying your life partner, a wedding offers several other benefits. For instance, coming together with your spouse can essentially double your earning power, lower costs, and create other financial advantages overnight. While marriage should not be pursued as a means to earn riches, long term commitment and a thorough understanding of your partner’s … [Read more…]

How Will the New Mortgage Stress Test Rules Affect You?

When it comes to mortgages, the process of determining how much you can afford and under what circumstances, is known as a stress test. In all areas of your professional and personal life, practicing risk management will better prepare you for any emergency situation that could result in more serious issues. For instance, if your … [Read more…]

Tips to Improve Finances and Get Back on Track

Life happens. Sadly, when it does, you might find yourself falling behind on bills, becoming overwhelmed with expenses, and losing sleep crunching numbers in your head continuously. When your finances are in disarray, you might feel as though it is a hopeless situation. You might think that you will never get approved for a mortgage … [Read more…]